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  1. Kosovo declares independence...
  2. Deadliest attack in Afghanistan since 2001
  3. Go Obama!!!
  4. Gold standards and Jim Crow - the Ron Paul thread.
  5. Iraq - not Barack - Thread
  6. Something I used to do - my last massive essay!
  7. The World War III thread
  8. HD DVD vs. Blu-ray
  9. Hillary Clinton loses her goddamned mind
  10. Canadian Dual Citizenship with US?
  11. Operation Unthinkable
  12. More demands from Islam - BRITS
  13. The effects of Zionsim
  14. Vote for Hillary or a Republican will stab you.
  15. Willie Nelson is a Troofer
  16. Prince Harry in Afghanistan: America blows his cover!
  17. Campus rape: myth?
  18. Change we can believe in!
  19. and they say voters are apathetic
  20. Educate me just how do american politics work?
  21. Hitlers Secret Indian Army
  22. Bush actually seems to be handling a crisis well!
  23. The "Hip Hop Mayor" charged with purgery.
  24. FBI 'rick roll'
  25. The Republican Romp through Asia
  26. Sub Human assholes
  27. Olympic Torch protests
  28. Democracy: YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG.
  29. 15 Apr 2008: Dozens die in Iraq bombings
  30. Who you Voting for?
  31. Bruce Springsteen endorses Barack Obama for President
  32. Belief in God.
  33. 6 cheerleaders attack 1 girl
  34. Student vs. John Ashcroft
  35. Austrian man locks daughter in dungeon for 24 years
  36. bush at the rose garden april 29
  37. Kids today
  38. Fuck McCain! I'll show you a real hero:
  39. Green Zone: High-end hub of Baghdad?
  40. US Police beat suspects up on camera.
  41. Fuck you, Rowling
  42. Please leave a message after the gun shot
  43. Starting a website
  44. The Vice Guide to North Korea (must see!)
  45. The Secret Rulers / Societies of the world...
  46. British Police make fools of themselves - again.
  47. The Fate of the Banana?
  48. End of the cluster bomb......... well, the first steps
  49. Pat Buchanan's new book.
  50. Revision 3 VS Media Defender
  51. We have a weiner!
  52. I dunno where to put this but:
  53. Global Warming is a Crock of Shit
  54. Religious sanity
  55. Victims of torture
  56. 18th June 2008 - The Day Democracy Died In Sweden
  57. The Higgins Boat was plywood??
  58. The death of nationalism
  59. BNP member converts to Islam & tries to redicalise inmates i
  60. Iraqis Publish More Proof Of Saddam Links To Al-Qaeda Leade
  61. 800 Dead in Capsized Ferry.
  62. Oil surges to $143 as global stocks fall further.
  63. Colombian Army rescues a buttload of people.
  64. This week in Jerusalem
  65. WTF Washington, do some proof-reading.
  66. *sigh* Humanization of people who care nothing for humanity.
  67. Doctor's in South Dakota now required to be utter tools
  68. World's oldest Bible goes online
  69. Woman kills herself to save family from forclosure
  70. Fucking Terrorists Shove your Jihad Up Your ASS!
  71. Rodovan Karadzic (serb leader in bosnia) trial for war crime
  72. bye bye amendments
  73. Randy Pausch's Lecture
  74. Instant food
  75. Republicans staying after work
  76. White House knew Iraq had no WMD
  77. Paris Hilton warps my fragile little mind
  78. War in Eastern Europe
  79. John Edwards admits what he called Tabloid Trash is true.
  80. Beijing 2008 Olympics POLITICAL thread
  81. Spain - not racist?!
  82. Man arrested for pit-bull attacks
  83. Libya-US relations: on the road to restoration
  85. 2nd Amendment
  86. How about this?
  87. China so tolerant of protests
  88. Congress discovers most oil futures held by few speculators
  89. Obama picks Biden for running mate
  90. Schooling systems going all 1984 on yo ass
  91. Microsoft signs deal to allow voting REGISTRATION over XBL
  92. Africa; take this as racist if you want, but it isn't.
  93. Teenage boys in the UK pushing to get the "perfect body"
  94. Russia blames US for Georgia conflict
  95. John McCain selects the hottest vice president ever.
  96. McCain/Palin vs. Obama/Biden
  97. Nigerian man to divorce 82/86 wives
  98. Political Correctness
  99. Protestors... rioters.. etc.
  100. moveon.org... but for Republicans?
  101. The smackdown on Mccain VS Obama
  102. The Daily Show - Sarah Palin Gender Card
  103. So the feds have taken over FM / FM
  104. Death and Taxes 2009 - US citizens only - SECRET
  105. WTF? Iran and U.S. collaborating, says al-Qaida chief
  106. Amish farmers: RFID tags on cattle is "mark of the beast"
  107. 9/11
  108. Matt Damon Condemns Palin
  109. Bush supposedly surrendering Commander in Chief powers
  110. Saudi judge OKs beheading TV channel owners
  111. OBSESSION: Republican political strategy at it's finest!
  112. Tina Fey SNL impersonation...
  113. are we fucked?
  114. Can we please stop talking about electing "leaders"?
  116. For our guys that have been to Iraqistan
  117. Your political views
  120. not to sound like swordfish..us army releases doctored photo
  121. So, lets talk about the upcoming canadian federal election.
  122. I haven't posted any conspiracies for a while...
  123. Holidays in the Danger Zone
  124. Inflation rate hits 3.5 per cent
  125. Operation Mincemeat "The Man Who Never Was"
  126. Is PETA made up of Retards?
  127. So what are Republican Values really?
  128. [Swordfish GTFO] So Much for the Posse Comitatus Act
  129. Why the world sux:
  130. More Straight Talk!
  131. Whats more important in your opinion...
  132. USSR on a post-USSR budget! Glory has no limits!
  133. NOT POLITICAL ... mccain says "horseshit" live on tv?
  135. $700 bn Bail-out voted down
  136. Rap gets Russian Lt sent to BFE
  137. The REAL Sarah Palin
  138. It's a fuckin Conspiracy...
  139. the real great depression
  140. Fannie Mae mortgages
  141. Sarah Palin: The VP Debate Flowchart.
  142. Did God Want You to Get That Mortgage?
  143. Vice President candidate Matt Gonzalez comments on debate
  144. What are the elections really about?
  145. when delta force almost caught bin laden
  146. Aren't the next 4 years fucked anyway?
  147. Anti-Palin parody song...
  148. Zimbabwe continues to suck!
  149. Banned SNL skit released...
  150. Yes, were fucked...
  151. About Deforestation
  152. Liberal insiders laughing all the way to the bank
  153. I Hear someone hammering....
  154. "Iran should be ready to lead the world"
  155. DISASTER! The greatest scoop of all time!
  156. Vice's new video on afghanistan
  157. Kid murdered in my area
  158. Adding more to the bail-out?
  159. Blacks on Obama:
  160. how do Britons feel about American involvement in both wars?
  161. Just fucked up
  162. "Spread the wealth!"
  163. My latest moveon.org e-mail...
  164. Palin taking hints from Family Guy
  165. Problem with the trickle down theory...
  167. Role Reversal...
  168. Morality debate: aborting a retarded fetus
  169. Is it just me or do these national polls seem outrageous?
  170. A whole can of worms I shall open
  171. Abortion...
  172. Fucking Daylight Saving
  173. Election is already looking like a mess
  174. What really happened in South Ossetia
  175. I want this hat from WWI
  176. "My wife made me canvass for Obama"
  177. Nate Phelps speaks out
  178. So, how do [i]you[/i] think it's gonna turn out?
  179. Barack Obama Wins!
  180. Gay Marriage, Abortion, Global Warming, Financial Crisis
  181. As Maldives sinks, president wants to buy a homeland
  182. Hope for AIDS patients...
  183. UK recognizes Chinese control of Tibet.
  184. Obama has more threats than any other president-elect
  185. This right here has made me lean towards pro-choice.
  186. Dear Red States...
  187. If the US automakers fail:
  188. Cheney indicted by Grand Jury
  189. That windpipe could blow any minute
  190. Simple question:
  191. Gay Pride
  192. Coalition Govt?
  193. confidence votes
  194. Obama administration director of speech writing Jon Favreau
  195. Today is December 7th
  196. Governor of Illinois charged with corruption
  197. After Rescue, Bonuses Still Flow At AIG
  198. USA as a single state
  199. Remember the USS Panay
  200. So, the UK is committing genocide in Zimbabwe.
  201. My Big Fat Greek Riot
  202. LOL holy crap...
  203. Presiden Bush vs Pair of Shoes
  204. Words of a Veteran
  205. The Christmas Truce
  206. Brit soldiers kick some Taliban ass--in Santa hats
  207. What A Dick
  208. Korean war videos and pics
  209. 1930s German Nazi & Commie newspapers back on sale
  210. crapload of free full length documentary style programs
  211. Who's watching the Inauguration?
  212. Black dude bombing brown dudes
  213. Korean War II?
  214. Why Iraq is a lost cause.
  215. Argentina expells bishop
  216. Oh those crafty Iranians...
  217. Ideologues and talking heads
  218. The [I Hate] Christianity Poll
  219. Jim Rogers condemns AIG bailout
  220. And I thought nobody could own a gun in Germany...
  221. Would this world be a better place if it wasn't for religion?
  222. The Obama Deception (Alex Jones)
  223. "Corrective Rape" -- WHAT THE FUCK
  224. Embryonic Stem Cell Research
  225. Man keeps daughter locked away for 24 years
  226. Mexico drug war interactive map
  227. Nutrients and vitamins to be illegal?
  228. Nov 5, 1999 NYT article: "Congress Passes Wide-Ranging Bill Easing Bank Laws"
  229. Federal per-pack cigarette tax....
  230. So long Iraq, hello Afghanistan/Northern Ireland
  231. G20 Protest in London
  232. Have you ever bowed to anyone?
  233. Ross Kemp in Afghanistan
  234. Miss. woman gets shot in head, makes tea
  235. i move to get rid of this forum and merge it with general
  236. The missing ontario girl
  237. Swift satellite detects old ass explosion
  238. Germany Archive Photographs
  239. Vacationing in countries where the government isn't cool
  240. Corn subsidies
  241. Putting controls on who can say "allah"
  242. Muslim Demographics
  243. governor general says 'stfu peta'
  244. Rape at Abu Ghraib?
  245. Air France plane crashes into Atlantic with 228 aboard
  246. General Motors went Bankrupt yesterday...
  247. Kim Jong-il picks a successor
  248. Obama backpedals on one of few things he followed through on
  249. Another Aircraft Thread
  250. D-Day: 65th Anniversary