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  1. It's stock. But what really kills it is that it, again, was the low compression model. In '72 they offered two engine choices the B30A (dual side-draught carbs [145 HP]) or the B30E (Bosch D-jet fuel injection [175 HP]). In '73 they offered one engine choice, the B30F, D-jets making only 138 HP with a lower compression so it would comply with Cali emissions. Fucking typical. My dream is to find a B30E out of a '72 (or Canada '72 to '74) with an m41 tranny [4-speed with electronic 5th] and you know... swap.

    I like your Falcon. Three on the tree, lucky dog.
  2. "My B30F is the finest goddamn engine on the planet. Low compression straight-six at 13/17 MPG making 138HP AT THE FLYWHEEL."

    Hey, that's pretty damn good. Stock right ? What year is that ?

    My 1964 Falcon's Inline Six is a 170CUI. It comes stock with 110 HP, lots of torque tho. When I drive up hills, I don't drop in speed at all and leave everyone's gas guzzlers in the dust. It has a 130CFM one barrel carb and a 3 speed column shifter. 13 inch tires all around.

    It has more HP but I don't know how much. updated exhaust, cooling system, fuel system and ignition system. The engine has also been bored out over to 1.06.
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