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    Default NeuWON network

    Thought i'd just chime in with this aims to support ALL sierra won games

    Q:What's the difference between WON2 and NeuWON?

    A:WON2 is only a partial working network that relies on cracked servers

    A: NeuWON is a fully working network with chat rooms that will support all ALL sierra won games (because of an old developer who shared 90% of the original API and server code.With the exception of code that pertains to anything that is not considered abandonware.)

    Currently supports these games so far:

    For half-life:

    Requirements for clients:

    dvd/cd won version of Half-Life

    half-life 1110 patch

    Half-life client patch

    Requirements for dedicated server

    Half-Life Dedicated Server v4.1.1.1

    Half-Life Dedicated Server v4.1.1.1e Beta Update [Win32][Win32]

    NeuWON Half-Life Dedicated Server Patch

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